Each EPR facility has a fully equipped paint shop to apply a variety of high performance paint coatings using electrostatic and conventional methods.  Our standard coating for most interior use products is comparable in finish and durability to the original manufacturer’s paint coating. These coatings chemically “bake” to provide a durable finish without the use of ovens that “force cure” the paint.

See “It’s Easy Being Green” section for more details.

EPR additionally offers electrostatic painting services for projects that require painting at the customer’s location.

See “On Site Electrostatic Painting

EPR staff utilizes our expertise to research and determine the proper preparation process, the optimal high performance OEM equivalent, low VOC coating and finish specific to each project.

Custom color matching is available and most coatings can be applied in a standard, metallic or textured finish.  Dent repair is also available.

Since 1999, EPR is committed to provide the highest quality products and services available.  We achieve this with a local staff and the ability to utilize personnel and manufacturing resources from our seven (7) locations when necessary to complete your job.

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