EPR- THE NATION’S LARGEST ELECTROSTATIC PAINTING COMPANY uses the electrostatic painting process to refinish all types of metal items at your location with virtually no over spray.

About Electrostatic Painting

Electrostatic painting is the spray process used to apply paint coatings to metal with virtually no over spray. Atomized paint particles are positively charged and are drawn to grounded metal objects. Atomization occurs due to centrifugal force rather than air assistance.

Benefits of the Electrostatic Process

A 95% or greater transfer efficiency of the coatings minimizes over spray and allows a factory equivalent sprayed finish to be applied on the job site.

A variety of OEM equivalent, Low VOC paint coatings can be applied electrostatically, including two-component epoxies, polyurethanes, and fluoro-polymers. These coatings chemically “bake” to provide a durable finish without the use of ovens to “force cure” the paint.

See “It’s Easy Being Green” section under “Paint” for more details.

The Electrostatic Spray Process provides uniform film thickness and consistent coating performance. The static charge creates a “wrap around” effect providing improved paint coverage.