EPR- THE NATION’S LARGEST ELECTROSTATIC PAINTING COMPANY uses the electrostatic painting process to repaint hall and PE lockers right in your school with virtually no over spray.

Additional On Site Electrostatic Painting applications would include:

Heater/Convector Covers
Office Furniture
Bathroom Partitions
Window Frames
Auditorium Seating
HVAC Units
Library Shelving
Canopies / Facias
Elevator Doors
Playground Equipment

EPR On Site Services will accommodate your facility’s specific needs by performing our services during the day, evening, or weekend hours as required, while allowing your items to remain in place.

EPR staff utilizes our expertise to research and determine the proper preparation process, the optimal high performance OEM equivalent, low VOC coating and finish specific to each project.

See “It’s Easy Being Green” section for more details

Custom color matching is available and most coatings can be applied in a standard, metallic or textured finish. Dent repair is also available.

EPR provides consistent, quality workmanship throughout the US. We achieve this with a local staff and the ability to utilize personnel and manufacturing resources from our seven (7) locations when necessary to complete your job.

Each EPR office is also equipped with a state of the art paint shop for items that require painting off site.

*See “EPR Paint Shop” for more details

EPR also manufactures new laminated work surfaces for cafeteria tables, lab & home ec counters, drafting tables - virtually any surface need.
EPR’s fabric shops produce new tack boards and acoustical panels, or reupholster your existing tack boards and workstation panels with new fabric.

See “EPR Laminate Shop” and “EPR Upholstery Shop” for more details